Paul’s Colorado Photography photos for the Plenary Group

I recently had a large corporate sale with the Plenary Group. Several large photos are hanging in their office on the 30th floor of the Wells Fargo Center in Downtown Denver. The Plenary Group is a Canadian based infrastructure planning company. They have a multi billion dollar contract managing US-36 also known as the Denver/Boulder Turnpike, this also includes the future HOV and Toll lanes. They also received the contract to manage the HOV/Toll lanes on I-25, Colorado’s busiest highway.


I am more than capable of large scale corporate sales. with the recent upgrade in camera equipment I can print extremely large, exceeding 100 inch sized photos. Contact me through my website if there are any questions about my corporate sales.

One of the Conference Rooms at the 30th Floor of the Wells Fargo Center
One of the Conference Rooms at the 30th Floor of the Wells Fargo Center
Me in front of a 20X30 Acrylic Piece at the Front entrance
Front Entrance
Mile High Stadium Plenary Group
a 90 inch wide panoramic in the largest room in the Plenary Group’s office
Office Bells Float 45 inch
a 45 inch Gallery Float in another conference room
Plenary Group Gallery Float
another 45 inch Gallery Float in another conference room

Author: paulscoloradophotography

Nature and landscape photographer from Denver metro, Colorado. I also do extensive urban and night time photography. I originally started photography as a means to document my climbs of Colorado's many high mountain peaks, then it evolved from there. The biggest thing about landscape photography is being in nature and capturing those short lived and sublime moments that occur. There is nothing quite like being at a mountain lake feeling that cold mountain air, looking up at those dramatic peaks and spires, or being up late at night looking up at the incredible amount of stars visible from the Earth, something that very few people are able to experience any more this is the true source of my inspiration. I have had several gallery showings including with the Denver Photo Art Gallery owned by renowned nature photographer John Fielder, and a two week exhibit during the Democratic National Convention. I currently have 2 books out in collaboration with other people, plus working on a 3rd one about Loveland Pass region, this last one is still an ongoing project. Plus I have been published from other sources including Smith Southwestern and am a regular contributor in stock with Shutterstock and Dreamstime. I have had large scale corporate sales and numerous individual sales of my photos. This includes numerous photos with the Plenary Group and photos in the home of a well known actor

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