Not long ago I started a new photo processing technique called exposure fusion. I merge bracketed exposures together in a software program called Photomatix Pro. It takes the best exposed parts of each shot and merges them together. It is not to be confused with HDR which is a high dynamic range image, Exposure fusion is still a low dynamic range image, but merges the best exposed areas of each image together into one image maintaining better detail in both highlight and shadow areas. It is much more natural looking than the HDR which can have a very cartoonish appearance. The technique really brings out the detail and vibrancy within the images. The photos below are examples of many of the photos that I have processed with this technique, I have mostly used the technique in my landscape photos with little urban, but that will change soon



Paul’s Colorado Photography and the Denver Broncos

Ok so I have never met any players of the Denver Broncos, but I regularly drive by their stadium. Sports Authority Field at Mile High or most commonly referred to as the Mile High Stadium. This Sunday was a different occasion, it was the AFC Championship Game where the Broncos hosted the New England Patriots. If you are not one too usually read the news or sports. The Denver Broncos won 26-16. I was working during the game (yes, the thing called work, the thing that pays the bills), but as soon as I got off and ran some necessary errands I ran down as quick as I could to get some photos. Though the game was over and no one was in the Stadium, thousands of people were on the streets celebrating. Silly me I did not stop to photograph some of the revelry, but I was bound and determined to photograph the Stadium with still plenty of activity going on along with the Denver skyline.

I have been big on creating panoramics and that was my goal for this scene. I create panoramics by stitching numerous vertical photos together in Photoshop to create a seemless panoramic image, than fine tune any needed adjustments such as contrast or some color corrections  in Lightroom and again in Photoshop where I use some plugins from Nik Software. In this instance I created 3 separate panoramics, each one consisting of 7 vertical photos. The bottom photo ended up being my favorite. this is a 10,700 by 3000 pixel sized image, equivalent to a 27 megapixel photo.

Next up for the Broncos is the Superbowl, I won’t be able to make it to that one, but perhaps I will be in Downtown Denver getting photos of all the happy people when they win the Superbowl.

Paul's Colorado Photography and the Denver Broncos

Paul’s Colorado Photography: Updated Website

My website Paul’s Colorado Photography has finally  been updated with all my recent photos, been a long time coming for it. Over 40 new photos added in the “recent shots” gallery and is currently up to my most recent photos taken during the holidays. I have not been out for new photos in quite a while but hopefully I will soon

Paul's Colorado Photography lights at City and County BuildingPaul's Colorado Photography Autumn in the Leadville Region Panoramic

Paul’s Colorado Photography Best of 2013

2013 had been a very productive year for me. Even though I did not go on any long trips, trips for more than two nights, I still traveled many miles in my home state of Colorado and even when I was not getting up to the mountains I was out in other areas including many times in Downtown Denver. After several thousand photos taken I definitely had a hard time narrowing down to only 25 photos for this slideshow. Most are personal favorites of mine but several are my most popular photos, or photos that received the most responses from other people. Either way, they are all photos I am very proud of, and I hope everyone enjoys this slideshow as well

This is also hoping to just as productive of a year

Paul's Colorado Photography Autumn Pauls Colorado Photography Lake

for more photos Paul’s Colorado Photography

Photographing Denver’s City and County Building Part 2:

The City and County Building in Denver, Colorado. Denver’s old courthouse lit for the Holidays attracts many photographers, both the I-phone snappers and the professional photographers alike. Too many times the building is photographed from the same angles and perspectives.As these following photos show, I have always tried different perspectives with my photos, even with some of the most photographed objects.


Opposite Civic Center Park with my 300MM telephoto lens (above)


The dark paint job from a new car with tinted windows makes for some amazing reflections of the building lights.


Now that is a huge snow flake.

Many more photos will be available on my website: Paul’s Colorado Photography

Photographing Denver’s City and County Building

Once again it is the Holidays and the City of Denver has lit the City and County Building, and Paul’s Colorado Photography was down there last night the 17th of December to photograph the lights. These 5 photos are just a small example of what I have total


Paul’s Colorado Photography back in the Denver Photo Art Gallery

I am returning to The Denver Photo Art Gallery  as an online studio artist. The Denver Photo Art Gallery is owned by renowned nature photographer John Fielder. The link will take you directly to my photos on the site. Eventually I will have these photos physically in the gallery. To see these photos and more at my website go to Paul’s Colorado Photography