Photographing Denver’s City and County Building Part 2:

The City and County Building in Denver, Colorado. Denver’s old courthouse lit for the Holidays attracts many photographers, both the I-phone snappers and the professional photographers alike. Too many times the building is photographed from the same angles and perspectives.As these following photos show, I have always tried different perspectives with my photos, even with some of the most photographed objects.


Opposite Civic Center Park with my 300MM telephoto lens (above)


The dark paint job from a new car with tinted windows makes for some amazing reflections of the building lights.


Now that is a huge snow flake.

Many more photos will be available on my website: Paul’s Colorado Photography


Photographing Denver’s City and County Building

Once again it is the Holidays and the City of Denver has lit the City and County Building, and Paul’s Colorado Photography was down there last night the 17th of December to photograph the lights. These 5 photos are just a small example of what I have total


Paul’s Colorado Photography back in the Denver Photo Art Gallery

I am returning to The Denver Photo Art Gallery  as an online studio artist. The Denver Photo Art Gallery is owned by renowned nature photographer John Fielder. The link will take you directly to my photos on the site. Eventually I will have these photos physically in the gallery. To see these photos and more at my website go to Paul’s Colorado Photography