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Changing photo editing software. Holiday print sale


Don’t worry this is not going to be a big rant on anything Adobe, but I am switching over from Adobe products to 3rd party platforms. I have used Adobe for so many years now and it’s inevitable that other software makers would come up with something to compete with Adobe, but after Adobe’s switch to a subscription based operation (even though Adobe is treating it as more of a contract than a subscription ) I am not too fond of it after nearly a year of usage. Of course the 3rd party platforms I have switched over to are, in reality, not exactly newcomers neither, as Capture One in one form or another has been around longer than Lightroom.

new photoeditor

I know it’s going to be a learning curve working with new programs and going to take a bit to get the hand of them, but so far I am really liking these 3rd party. With Capture One the largest learning curve so far is the importing of images, other than that it seems to be very similar to Lightroom for tools with several other tools added that Lightroom doesn’t have. I’ll go over them in a later post as well once I get experience using the tools

As for Photoshop. I am working on another program which I will go into depth in another posting as I am just starting that one. It shouldn’t be too difficult as it seems to be laid out exactly like photoshop.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is the integration that Adobe products had with each other, something that separate 3rd party software do not have. I am sure I will find something to work though.


50% off sale

How would you like to have art like the one above hanging on your wall at home or in your place of business?

Well I am holding a 50% off sale on prints and Canvas Wraps until the 16th of December. That’s only a couple days left so hurry up. This is for only Prints and Canvas Wraps it does not include gallery floats or Acrylics. They are still perfect display pieces for your business or your home. go to my website for more information and to see a complete collection of photos.




I am also working on a patronage program. I will be releasing that soon with a video, so stick around.


Cloudy All Week

so the forecast for my region will be mostly cloudy and chances of snow until Monday so there won’t be much of that astrophotography taken this week, but here are a couple from the past couple of weeks.


Again plenty more photos are available on my website: http://paulscoloradophotography.com