Has It Been This Long

photos of speaking engagement


So how did I end up going almost 3 weeks without a post? Anyone have a time machine to send me back so I can catch up with the missed weeks?


Speaking of going back in time, a while back I mentioned about volunteering for the Senate Campaign of Lily Tang Williams. Many things did not go as planned, but I still was able to meet up with her and spend some time with her. To understand more of her positions you can go to her website at Lily4Liberty.com. Lily is the first Chinese Immigrant to run for the US Senate, and someone I am very excited about having and promoting. She received a unanimous nomination for the Libertarian Party of Colorado for the Senate race.


Above: Lily waits for people to arrive before a speaking engagement in the western slope. If you ever have a chance to hear her speak do it. She is regularly speaking on the radio and events all over Colorado and places in other states as well


She regularly speaks about her experiences growing up in China under the Maoist system and some parallels of modern US policy.


Not only is she an amazing speaker but she is a great listener



So check her out. If you like what you see, perhaps show her some support. I know many of us are looking for an alternative to the current line up.


Lily4Libery Facebook Page

and while you are at it

My website